Esenci | Essential Systems Control

By utilising our expertise and resources in the Automation Industry Esenci is committed to providing professional customised solutions to specifically meet your organisation’s needs.

Our aim is to offer effective Process Control and ease of operation with our extensive knowledge in PLC & SCADA Control, to ensure our client’s flow of production is handled intelligently and that high output is achieved.

With our team’s varied experience and technical knowledge, Esenci can offer a high standard of service in an ever-changing electronic age, which is becoming more reliant on Automation.

About Us

We have been in business for over sixteen years, and have serviced several large organisations in diverse fields. Our company thrives on creating partnerships with our customers, allowing an open platform for discussions to achieve maximum output for both parties.

We offer a wide range of services, including full Project Management. We understand where our specialities lie and concentrate on these, therefore additional work required by our end customers that does not fall with in our fields of expertise is subcontracted to our business partners. Should the need arise, Esenci will increase its staff complement to service our customer's need.

Our company is eleven strong, with strengths ranging from PLC control to online servicing.

Our Clients

Our main customers are detailed below with an outline of projects conducted in the projects page.

• Carsons Midrand Manufacturing (L’Oreal)
• Colgate Palmolive
• Ingenior
• McCormick Condiments / South Africa
• Roff Industries
• Vandokem
• Wrapsa

Our Expertise Includes:

• PLC & SCADA Control
• Project Management
• Power & Pneumatic Distribution
• Full System Upgrades
• Turnkey Projects
• Process Control
• Consulting Services
• Thermal Imaging Assessments
• Maintenance & Training